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Who Will Benefit?   

    Small Business Who Would Like to

  Acquire More Customers And More Sales:

  • An Effective Marketing Tools.
    Adding a web address to your existing marketing media will dramatically increase the effectiveness. A catchy web address is easier for your potential customers to remember than your phone number. You can keep your yellow page listing concise and direct your potential customers to your website for more information.
  • Extend Market Territory. New Business Opportunity.
    You are no longer limited to customers within driving distance. People anywhere in the world can find your business through a search engine on the Internet.

  • Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.
    Your business is always open. It's like having an entire sales and support team working around the clock for you.

  • Ahead of Your Competitors.
    Stand out from the crowd by simply adding your web address to any marketing medium.

  Keep Existing Customers Happy:

  • Keep existing Customers Informed of Up-to-the-minute Information.
    Build loyal customers by providing them with the latest news and bargains.

  • Provide A Low-pressure Environment That Can Be Accessed at Your Customers' Convenience.
    They can explore your website in their own time frame. They no longer have to drive to your place just to find out what's on sale.

  • Provide Better Customer Service.
    By placing detailed information about your products/services online, you can direct a lot of phone callers to your website. It also increases your customer satisfaction by not keeping them queuing on the phone line to get information, which can be easily obtained from your website.

  • Your Customers Are Expecting One from You.
    With more and more people going online, you don't want to miss the boat!

  Save Time & Money:

  • Economical Updating of Information.
    Do you have a catalogue of any kind? Do you add new products/services or change your fee on a regular basis? Do you spend a lot of money on advertising?

    Compared to the time and cost it takes to create a brochure, advertisements, flyers, or calalogue, your website is more cost-effective. You can update your information at virtually no cost. You can keep your yellow pages listing and other advertising materials short and concise by referring your potential customers to your website.

  • Build & Maintain Customer Database.
    Do you need an inexpensive way to get more leads? Do you mail information packages about your products or services? Do you produce a prospect/customer newsletter?

    An interactive website can help you collect and maintain your visitors' information, such as email addresses. Compared to traditional mailings, email marketing dramatically reduces the costs of sending your advertising materials to your customers.

  • Direct Customer Inquiries to Your Website.
    Let your website answers some of the phone calls for you. That will save you a lot of time, so you and your staff can concentrate on more important things to profit your business.

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