builds and hosts websites for small businesses at budget prices. Free domain names, instant setup through easy DIY option. Update site at any time. Hosting from $10 a month. Website Solutions for New Zealand Small Business -- Affordable Web Hosting, Instant Setup, Free Domain Name, Professional Web Site Design, Easy Site Wizard. PricingBuild Your Web Site NowContact
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How It Works

 Domain Registration: [3 Minutes]
Just choose a Free Domain: or, which will be your web address, and fill out a simple form.

(You can also Register or Transfer your own: e.g.

It's Free to Open An Account
 Select Site Design: [1 to 5 Minutes]
Your choice of Free professional-looking site templates. If you are not happy with the basic templates, we also have advanced templates [Extra cost. Check pricing for details.], or will quote you for site customisation.
 Modify Site Template: [Optional]
You have the freedom to fine tune your site template. You can modify elements, such as Logo, Banner, Navigation Menu, Text Font, etc. by yourself.
 Create Site Contents: [At Your Own Pace]
Use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Content Editor to create the pages by yourself. Or, we will do it for you [Check pricing for details.].

We also provide other services, such as proofreading, writing, picture scanning, interactive web pages, etc.

Please Note: Content Editor is currently available ONLY to PC users with Internet Explorer 5 or above installed.

 Preview Your Site: [30 Seconds]
Make sure your site is in perfect condition before it goes online. Repeat steps to until you are totally satisfied. You can even switch to other site templates at will (step ) without disturbing your page contents.
 Publish: [1 Minute]
All you have to do is to push a button!

All sites are publishable after setup and monthly hosting fees are paid.


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